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Warren is currently President of SCFCan Inc and SCFVirtual Inc.  SCFCan has been formed with several colleagues in order to bring fully continuous, supercritical fluid extraction process to the recovery of valuable components from solid materials.  This technology was made possible through the efforts of many graduate students at University of Guelph and the University of Alberta and thanks to funding from NSERC of Canada and several companies over the years.  

Previously, Warren spent 25 years as a Professor in the School of Engineering at the University of Guelph.  Warren arrived at Guelph (1991) during the earliest days of Guelph's Environmental Engineering program and taught some 1200 Environmental undergraduates over the years.  In addition, he provided leadership in engineering design education and was awarded a prestigous NSERC Chair in Design Engineerign  (2001 to 2013).   He advised and co-advised 5 PhD graduates (with 1 in progress) and 33 Masters graduates.  

Prior to arriving at Guelph, Warren completed a Bachelors (1982), Masters (1984) and Doctorate (1992) in  Chemical Engineering at the University of Toronto.  His Masters research was on the weathering behaviour of oil spills under the direction of Professor Donald Mackay.  His Doctorate research studied the air - soil exchange of organic pollutants also under the direction of Prof. Mackay.

He worked for Esso Petroleum Canada (1984-1986) in their Refining Technical Services group.  At Esso, he provided expertise in air pollution control, hazardous waste management and noise control. 


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