Supercritical Fluids (SCFs) are compounds at temperatures and pressures above the compound’s critical temperature and critical pressure.  SCFs are tunable and green solvents, provide interesting reaction environments and unique energy transfer opportunities.  ... more

SCF Property Software:  Supercritical Fluid Properties are integral to the development of applications.  The Pressure, Volume, Temperature (PvT) relationship is the starting point.   … more.

SCF Solubility Software:  The supercritical community has collectively generated considerable solubility data over the last several decades.  Solid solubilities in supercritical fluids are a function of the SCF, temperature, pressure, cosolvent concentration and presence of other solutes. A large database of measured values has been compiled from the data published in the open literature. No predictive models have proven to be broadly successful.  Many correlations have proven effective.   … more

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